Illawong Walk upgrade project, Kosciuszko National Park


The Illawong Walk upgrade project, managed by TRC Trails in collaboration with National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), focused on enhancing the existing grade three walking track located in the Kosciuszko National Park. The primary goal was to upgrade timber steps along the first half of the trail, aligning with the ongoing efforts of the Improving Access to National Parks Program. Key activities included installing approximately 120 new timber steps, incorporating gravel surface treads/landings, and implementing drainage infrastructure to mitigate soil erosion. TRC Trails meticulously executed the project, considering the unique environmental challenges of the remote and environmentally sensitive area, ensuring compliance with specifications. 


The project encountered several challenges inherent to the remote and environmentally sensitive nature of the work site. Ensuring visitor safety and preserving the integrity of the ecosystem were paramount. TRC Trails implemented measures such as strategic signage, barricades, and visitor interaction protocols to safeguard visitors and maintain a positive visitor experience. Additionally, the team addressed logistical complexities by carefully selecting equipment suitable for the terrain and optimising work schedules to maximize efficiency while adhering to project timelines.


The successful completion of the Illawong Walk upgrade project underscores TRC Trails’ commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. The installation of timber steps, gravel surface treads, and drainage infrastructure has significantly enhanced the accessibility, safety, and sustainability of the trail. Through planning and execution, TRC Trails delivered a project that not only meets the objectives outlined by NPWS but also ensures a harmonious integration with the surrounding ecosystem.