Trail Design and Construction

Good planning and design leads to great construction, so we encourage working with us to deliver all components of your trail network.

  • Conceptual mapping and trail layout
  • Route alignment and trail marking
  • Specialist partners assist us with CAD designs and engineering 
  • Hand built trails
    • Hand built track from beginner to advanced
    • Project management
    • Crew coordination and scheduling
    • Emphasis on sustainable, low impact trails and corridors
  • Machine built trails
    • Machine built trails that respect their surroundings
    • An emphasis on beginner and intermediate multi use trails
  • Trail construction budgets and schedules 
  • Trail interpretation plan
  • Trail signage plan
  • Walking track construction
  • Mountain bike track construction
  • Single track to wide flow tracks
  • Skills park construction
  • Multi-use trails
TRC Trail team members discuss the trail planning
Royal Coast Track coastline in Royal National Park south of Sydney