Red Centre Adventure Trail – Alignment


Following the Masterplan and Concept Plan developed by TRC for the Red Centre Adventure Ride (RCAR) in Tjoritja/West MacDonnell National Park, our trail specialists were engaged in the next phase of the project which was the planning and documentation of the alignment of the trail.

TRC partnered with Coffey, Destination Trails and Tricky Tracks and worked together with The Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture, Aboriginal Traditional Owners, Central Land Council and a group of local Aboriginal trainees. The joint knowledge and skills of this collective team ensured the RCAR trail is world class and underpinned with the latest standards for sustainable trail design and alignment. The trail design ensures an aesthetic and sustainable finish and minimal footprint on the land. A group of Aboriginal trainees were a fundamental part of the team assisting in GPS mapping, clinometer reading, flagging, pinning, marking the trail alignment as well as providing insights into Arrernte culture.

The focus of the design was a trail that is:

  • fit for purpose
  • reflects best practice design suitable to locations
  • provides exceptional experiences for visitors and local people
  • environmentally, economically and socially sustainable
  • in harmony with natural and cultural environments
  • easy to operate and maintain
  • has a high degree of local support and involvement in management and maintenance
  • bringing benefits to local communities.

“Without doubt this new adventure ride will be a world first,” says TRC Consultant Chris Ord “it will allow riders of all abilities an unforgettable journey through the stunning mountain desert landscapes of the West MacDonnell Ranges. There are of course many multiday rides around the world already but none that are based on 200km of custom designed, all off road trails, and none that reach so far into remote country like this.” says Chris. “Walking through country you could easily imagine being on a bike, encountering the constantly changing environment – gorges, escarpments, riverbed crossings, valleys and huge vistas across an ancient landscape. Plus, there is the constant connection to the Traditional Owners who have generously allowed the trail to traverse their custodial lands. Their culture will be richly represented along the length of the Red Centre Adventure Ride, making it an experience like no other.”


A detailed trail alignment assessment followed by planning and documentation was conducted to create a trail that was environmentally sustainable and blended into the landscape. Indicative trail construction costs were estimated as part of the process.


The Red Centre Adventure Ride in the Tjoritja/West MacDonnell National Park exceeded expectations. The case it presents for a new, nationally significant tourism product is so compelling it has attracted immediate government investment and presents exciting opportunities for private investors and Aboriginal Traditional Owners.