Snowy Alpine Walk Stage 1 & 2 construction, Perisher Valley to Bullocks Flat


The Snowies Alpine Walk was a comprehensive project that encompasses two stages: Stage 1 from Bullocks Flat Up to Perisher and Stage 2 from Perisher down to Bullocks Flat, each to be completed within a specified 12-week timeframe. The strategic approach of commencing with Stage 1 allowed for efficient management of potential water runoff due to snow melt, ensuring the project’s smooth progression.


The project presents several challenges, including the rugged terrain, extreme weather conditions, and logistical complexities associated with remote locations. TRC Trails addressed these challenges by prioritising safety, conducting comprehensive induction and risk assessments, and implementing robust environmental management protocols. The coordination of stone selection, bagging, and transportation via helicopter sling load operations necessitates planning and collaboration with stakeholders to minimize disruptions and ensure timely delivery of materials to designated work zones.


From site mobilisation to construction and installation of timber steps, stone paving, stepping stones, and drainage infrastructure, every aspect of the Snowies Alpine Walk was planned and executed to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. The proactive approach to mitigating potential challenges, such as snow melt and water runoff, demonstrated TRC Trails’ dedication to delivering successful outcomes while adhering to project timelines and specifications. The expertise and professionalism of the project team, coupled with effective stakeholder engagement and collaboration, ensure the successful completion of the Snowies Iconic Walk upgrade project, enhancing accessibility, safety, and sustainability for visitors to Kosciuszko National Park.