The Rock Walking Track Construction and Maintenance


This project completed in June 2023, involved the construction of over 150 stone steps at The Rock, NSW by TRC trails. The step construction was carried out in accordance with the required National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) step construction specifications. The project encompassed both hand and machine benching techniques to ensure a sturdy and sustainable trail infrastructure.


There were numerous challenges which TRC Trails had to navigate during this project. Working in a remote location with limited access, where machinery for transporting resources and equipment was difficult to acquire was one such challenge. To overcome this, the team worked with the client to devise a logistics plan to procure the necessary equipment and ensured that materials were transported efficiently and with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Another challenge was that the walking track traversed a highly significant cultural site and it was essential to ensure minimal harm to the surrounding area. As such, TRC Trails engaged local cultural advisors to ensure the track alignment and construction did not impact culturally significant sites. The team employed best practices in cultural awareness and heritage sensitivities.

The track also passed through steep and rocky terrain, requiring technical expertise to complete. The team at TRC Trails utilized expert trail builders to design and construct an appropriate trail to service the site. Safety protocols were followed with equipment and training programs for staff to ensure their protection.

Lastly, weather was a significant challenge as the site was often affected by heavy rainfall, however the team planned for this and implemented stormwater management systems to prevent the erosion of the trail structure and implemented regular maintenance to ensure that the track was safe and operable at all times.


At the completion of the project, TRC Trails delivered an outstanding trail, providing an attractive, safe and durable trail for those to enjoy.