Thredbo Mountain Bike Park Maintenance and Upgrades 2022-2023


In October 2022, TRC Trails undertook a contract to construct and maintain the intermediate/advanced MTB trail sections in Thredbo MTB Park. The scope of work encompassed the creation of technical trail features such as berms, jumps, rollers, and stone armouring/paving, alongside gravel trail sections. All projects were executed within the confines of Kosciuszko National Park or its managed land parcels, ensuring alignment with environmental regulations and conservation efforts.


Challenges were expected and overcome as TRC Trails tackled the terrain of Thredbo MTB Park. The construction of technical trail features demanded precision and expertise to navigate the park’s diverse landscape. Team TRC Trails is made up of not only expert trail builders but also expert trial riders, so a strong attention to detail was applied to allow for a fun and safe trail. Environmental considerations and adherence to park regulations added some layers of complexity, requiring planning and execution to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Despite these challenges, TRC Trails rose to the occasion with resilience and determination. 


With the completion of the project, TRC Trails has left an indelible mark on Thredbo MTB Park. The crafted trail sections, with berms, jumps, and stone armouring, offer riders exhilarating experiences while seamlessly blending with the park’s natural beauty. Gravel trail sections provide smooth transitions, enhancing the overall flow of the park’s trail network. By delivering on-time and within budget, TRC Trails has not only met but exceeded expectations, solidifying their reputation for excellence in trail construction and maintenance.