Upgrades to MTB Trail Network Glenrock State Conservation Area


This project involved making upgrades to MTB Trail Networks in Glenrock State Conservation Area. Thus involved both new trail design and construction as well maintenance of the existing trails network.


One challenge which was faced during the project was due to the MTB trail being situated in a highly trafficked area. Therefore it was essential to ensure that trail upgrades caused minimal disruption to the existing trail and most trail users. Working in collaboration with the local MTB community and stakeholders, TRC Trails was able to develop a trail upgrade plan that balanced trail improvements and minimised disruption to the existing trail users. Additionally, the team utilised the latest trail building techniques and machinery to ensure efficient and fast completion. A further challenge was the coastal location of the MTB trail. This meant that the project was susceptible to variable inclement weather conditions. However, the team successfully monitored the trail frequently and had an inclement weather monitoring system in place to ensure trail maintenance was conducted as soon as it was safe to do so. The upgraded trail design incorporated drainage features which significantly reduced the impact adverse climatic conditions had on maintenance requirements. The project also involved recreating washouts and enhancing water drainage, to ensure the trail remains viable over time to its maximum utility. This was undertaken by placing particular emphasis on plant-based materials for trail construction and sourced durable and sustainable natural materials. Use of correct materials ensured that the trail was durable while being environment friendly. Lastly, the project was underpinned by site accessibility issues, which caused budgetary challenges. This required the team to pool resources, including tools, equipment and materials to overcome the budgetary constraints, and match the project deliverables with the required timeline.


Upon completion, TRC Trails was able to efficiently and effectively produce a suitable, durable and structurally sound trail for the local community to enjoy. This meant that budgetary restraints and prospective timelines were adhered to and satisfied.