Upgrades to Prince Henry Cliff Walk, Blue Mountains City Council


This project encompassed the construction and installation of high-quality sandstone stepping stones, steps, drainage infrastructure, and a crushed rock trail surface along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk for Blue Mountains City Council. The objective was to enhance the accessibility and visitor experience while preserving the natural beauty of the landscape.


One of the major challenges encountered during this project was the heavy reliance on manual labor, as machine access was impossible in the rugged terrain. The entire construction process, including excavation, transportation, and installation of the sandstone stepping stones and steps, was meticulously carried out by hand. This required a skilled and efficient workforce to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Another challenge was the manipulation of the existing bedrock to seamlessly blend the sandstone installation into the surrounding natural landscape. The team worked diligently to achieve a harmonious integration, carefully selecting and placing sandstone pieces to create a visually appealing and functionally efficient trail system. The aim was to provide a seamless transition between the man-made elements and the untouched beauty of the cliffs and surroundings.

Furthermore, the project faced the additional challenge of working in extreme weather conditions, given the location’s exposure and vulnerability to weather fluctuations. The team implemented robust safety protocols and monitored weather forecasts closely to ensure work was conducted safely during suitable weather windows. The high-risk work environment, characterized by cliffs and steep terrain, required constant vigilance and adherence to stringent safety procedures to protect workers and mitigate potential hazards.


TRC Trails successfully delivered stage 1 of the project in June 2023, with some additional works to be completed later in 2023. The craftsmanship of the steps exceeded exceptions, seamlessly blending into the natural environment.