Walking Trail Construction and Maintenance Blue Water Holes, Kosciuszko National Park NSW


This project involved the construction of a new gravel trail as well as maintenance to the existing walking trail on the Blue Waterholes Track in the Kosciuszko National Park.


The team were required to navigate some challenges during the undertaking of this project. Namely that building a walking track near a sensitive waterway can involve considerable environmental risks, including soil erosion, vegetation disturbance, and wildlife disruption. In this situation the team deploying specialized crews, erosion control measures, erosion blankets, use of water bars, as well as sediment traps to alleviate this issue. A further challenge involved the limited access to the sites contained within sensitive environmental areas, which could pose logistical challenges, preventing the use of heavy equipment during construction. TRC Trails implanted multiple strategies to tackle this, by creation alternative access points, the use of light equipment, and a phased or bifurcated construction program.

Furthermore, when building on public lands near sensitive waterways, it is necessary to comply with environmental, building, and safety regulations, such as the Environment Protection Act (EP Act), Fisheries Act, Coastal Management Act, and Occupational Health and Safety Act. To ensure this was complied with, TRC Trails partnered with government authorities and regulatory organizations, engaged with experts and specialized contractors, and adopting a proactive risk management approach. Lastly, projects of this nature can attract concerns from the communities around the sites, planned works and limitations to access. TRC Trails therefore maintained open lines of communication with local communities, investing in community consultation and engagement, and implementing signage and information materials to educate the public on the ecological significance of the area.


TRC Trails, through employing their expertise, maintaining attention to detail and open communication, was able to deliver a trail that exceeded expectations but maintained expected budgets and timelines.