Walking Trail Construction and Maintenance – Muellers Pass, Main Range Walk. Kosciuszko National Park


This project involved the reinstatement and upgrade of the drainage infrastructure and track surface along a 300m section of the Main Range Walk, extending from Mueller’s Pass saddle to the Summit Walk intersection. The primary objective was to rectify the significant damage to drainage points and the track surface, ensuring the functionality and sustainability of the trail while minimizing the impact on the environmentally sensitive alpine area.


Some challenges of this project included the project site being a remote alpine area. This presented challenges in terms of limited access, making transportation of equipment and materials difficult. Further, due to the site location, the team were working in an extremely environmentally sensitive alpine area posed ongoing challenges. The project team however adhered to strict environmental regulations to minimize the impact of construction activities on the fragile ecosystem. Additionally, the need to reinstate existing and install new drainage infrastructure posed technical challenges. The team carefully analysed the existing conditions and worked to design an appropriate drainage system to effectively manage water flow and prevent future damage to the track. Lastly, the reinstatement of the gravel surface and rock steps required skilled craftsmanship to ensure a high-quality finish that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Some challenges were faced in sourcing suitable materials and maintaining consistency in the track surface throughout the project area, however TRC Trails way able to deliver an appropriate and sturdy track surface.


TRC Trails was able to overcome difficulties and challenges associated with the nature of this project to deliver a seamless, aesthetic and environmentally appropriate track. TRC Trails continues to maintain this trail to allow for its long gevity for all to enjoy.